The Dilemma:

Successful and fast-growing firms rely on the symbol of stability and authenticity associated with owning the matching .com extension. However, with the proliferation of new businesses and innovations, budding entrepreneurs are finding it increasingly challenging to acquire a .com domain with high branding potential that is still available and also affordable.

Most available premium brandable .com domains are being sold at inflated prices and hence only within reach of established businesses.


Our goal is to level the playing field so start-ups and new entrepreneurs alike can take advantage of the same world class highly brandable domain names enjoyed by established global businesses.

Our carefully screened domain names are on par with leading brands yet available at only a fraction of the price charged by many branding agencies and domain marketplaces.


  • Not a seller’s marketplace:

    A fundamental aspect that’s sets us apart from many of our competitors is that we are not a sellers’ marketplace; all our brand names are created and owned by us and vetted based on strict naming criteria. This means no intermediary commissions or compromise on quality, passing on the benefit of lower costs and high calibre names to you, the customer.

  • Focus on quality not quantity:

    Since we create all our names, we have more control over the quality of domain names we sell. At any given time, we only hold a small inventory of premium, carefully vetted, industry-tested and affordable brand names for you to choose from versus thousands of randomly concocted names with no brandable value.

  • Affordable pricing:

    Owning all our brand names also allows for better control over pricing as there are no intermediary costs or commission that would otherwise have been added to the purchase price. Besides, our goal is to offer brandable domains at a fair price that is within reach of start-ups on a tight budget.

  • A naming company providing free commercial expertise:

    We have tapped into our commercial consulting background and practice to share our expertise with you as a free added bonus with your purchase. We offer a free “Commercial Start-Up Suite” with each purchase, aimed to provide start-ups with a head start in the successful launch of their new venture. This suite includes a start-up checklist and ready-to-use business plan and budget templates.

    These tools are handpicked from what we have developed for some of our global blue chip clients and will be invaluable to new start-ups and budding entrepreneurs unable to afford a full-blown consultancy service.

How Does It Work?

The Easiest and Most Affordable Way to Jumpstart your Dream Start-up

Step 1

Got a new business idea that needs branding?

Step 2

You’re in the right place! Simply visit our Business Domain Names section and choose from an array of exciting new names

Step 3

Browse our many categories to find your ideal brand name

Step 4

Found something you like? Simply add to cart & complete your purchase. Now your on your way to receiving your new brand-in-a-box package; domain name and free logo and commercial suite

Step 5

Next, you will receive an order confirmation email. The transfer of domain ownership & logo source files will then begin.

Step 6

Your business is now ready to launch!

A larger image of the words ready to use premium brands wrapped in a present which signifies the brands in a box for sale on website

All our brandable business domain names have been screened for relevance and each branding package comes with a unique logo, exact match .com domain name and “Commercial Start-Up Suite” to help you get business-ready.