Who Are We?

Founded in 2017 in Richmond, London by a commercial finance consultant-turned entrepreneur, SObrandable is a fresh, easy and affordable way to brand your business and align your new business name to your online marketing strategy. We don’t claim to have a formal branding background, however, we have been involved in both corporate and country re-branding over the years and engaged in many name-storming sessions to help other entrepreneurs jump-start their new venture with the right brand name. It does help that our ongoing consultancy work exposes us to global businesses across multiple industries;  fashion retail, social media marketing, food, energy, soft drinks, health etc. This exposure has provided useful insights towards creating the right brand tone and personality for different businesses and products.

We enjoy what we do and firmly believe a quality brand name should be within everyone’s reach. However, with first-hand experience of the time and budget constraints of being a start-up ourselves, we were keen to offer a value-added package to other new businesses. This has led to our ready-to-use brands-in-a-box concept available on a digital platform providing start-ups access to premium brandable .com domain names on par with established brands but at affordable prices.