How Does It Work?


Our start-up branding packages are so much more than just cleverly curated words with an exact match brandable business domain name, catchy logo and free commercial suite; each of our start-up branding packages represent a business or product that is waiting to launch. Each domain name has been carefully screened for relevance and brand potential to ensure your exciting new business idea receives the world-class brandable business name that it deserves.

Almost every business has an online presence, making it increasingly important to have a domain name that stands out from the competition and resonates with your audience. The right .com domain name should be catchy, memorable, relevant and an exact match to your brand name. This will help drive traffic to your website, establish your brand presence online and integrate the outside world with your brand’s internet identity.

What can you expect from our inventory of categorised brandable business domain names?

  • Priced to suit any budget — Whether you are already an established market leader seeking to re-brand or launch a new product or an aspiring new start-up, we have business names to suit varying budgets. All our names are competitively priced starting from just under £300.
  • Carefully handpicked and industry-tested premium brandable domain names — Regardless of price, each of our names have been carefully vetted to strict naming guidelines to ensure each name is on par with globally established brand names. The brand names have also been industry-tested hence ensuring a smaller and select inventory of quality brand names to save you the trouble of sifting through thousands of random meaningless concoctions to find the needle in the haystack.
  • Brand names to suit different sectors and products —  We have a variety of names to suit different business sectors. From finance, coaching and consulting to the tech world (cloud technology, disruptive software, mobile applications and blogs) to food, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, children’s learning, events and book titles, the list goes on.
  • Brand names to suit different brand personalities — Our brandable business domains range from the cool and professional (such as, and to the more fun and catchy brand names (such as,, and
  • Only brand names with an available exact match .com — Our brand names are limited to only those which have the exact available and these domains are provided with your purchase. We have reiterated the importance of an exact throughout this website and it would therefore be of little or no value to sell a brand name without an exact match .com extension. The rise of businesses establishing an online presence has made it increasingly challenging for new start-ups to acquire a brand name which also has an available and affordable matching .com TLD. When you buy any of our brand names, you are guaranteed to  receive the exact match .com extension with your purchase.

What will you receive with every start-up branding package?

Provided with each small business branding package purchased from our online brand-in-a-box store…

  • A ready-to-use and carefully selected brandable business or product name
  • An exact match .com domain (EMD)
  • A unique logo created by our talented design pool
  • A “Commercial Start-Up Suite” consisting of the following:
    • Start-Up Checklist          
    • Business Plan Template (with user guidelines)
    • Profit and Loss Template (with user guidelines)
    • Budget and Planning Models (with user guidelines)

We recommend that you not restrict your search to just one category. Most of our names possess that brandable quality which allows them to be used for different businesses and products. In a few instances, a brandable domain name may sit in more than one category in our digital store if that name is relevant to multiple categories. However, once the domain is purchased, it will be removed from all other categories as there can only be one owner per .com domain. On that note, we invite you to start browsing and brand your business with a small business branding package from SObrandable.

A larger image of the words ready to use premium brands wrapped in a present which signifies the brands in a box for sale on website

All our brandable domain names have been screened for relevance and each branding package comes with a unique logo, exact match domain name and Commercial “Start-Up Suite” to help you get business-ready.